This A/C company is a gem! Saw an ad in the paper for a $49 Fall Maintenance deal so I called them up. Was a great decision because they found an issue we needed to get fixed. The tech was very thorough and was a really nice guy to boot. I highly recommend Vegas Strong heating and cooling!

Brandon W.

Had a great experience with Vegas Strong HVAC. Great customer service, always responded super quickly, rescheduled easily and quickly even though I was the one who needed the time/date changed. Fair prices, and good customer education. I had a lot of questions that every person I talked to there was able to answer. Highly recommend!

Danika C.

Highly recommend Vegas Strong! Our heater went out in our condo. Our property management company sent these guys & I’m so glad they did! Our tech Ant was great. Solved the problem quickly, was very nice & professional!

Angela A.

They came to our new home and did a free inspection, showed us what kind of dirt and dust was in the vents. They scheduled us the next day for a cleaning. Punctual, professional, overall a fantastic job. The house smells cleaner and the air and heat are working so well. I can’t recommend this service and this company enough!

Stephanie B.

Best company hands down! I called when my heater broke down and the Ante came the same day. He was professional, knowledgable, and fast. Also the price was reasonable! Thank you!

Cinda D.

Great service from hard working, honest and down to earth people & company that won’t try to sell you the moon. Unless thats what you want. A company born and raised in this town!!


I have been deeply satisfied with the service of this company, after working with Habitat for Humanity for 23 years and being a general contractor, this company was refreshing to see with how dedicated they are to their customers and the work they do. The gentleman named Ante stopped by and took me through easy steps that led me to investing in a new unit , I am extremely satisfied with the product and the service they provide, Bravo and Thank you for everything you do.

Best regards,
Bob Mallard

Bob M.

Great local company! They were contracted with my home warranty company and I’m so grateful that they were the one that serviced my A/C. I’m actually a repeat customer. I have requested for them the second time my A/C broke as I was so satisfied with the outcome the first time. Very knowledgeable staff. Prompt, honest, reliable & reputable company. They were able to diagnose the issue correctly (control panel) and was able to quickly coordinate with my home warranty company to resolve the problem. Both owners (Brooks & Ante) that I talked to were very professional, helpful and so down to earth. It’s a new company and they strive to make a difference in the heating/cooling industry by giving an exceptional service at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend them!

Lisa R.

Vegas Strong Heating and Cooling came to fix our air conditioning after a storm knocked out power in our neighborhood and, when turned back on, the AC didn’t work. They were prompt, courteous, and taught us a few new things good to know about our AC system! I am recommending Vegas Strong H & C as a great company to call for service

Sage F.

Ante is god’s gift to a/c repairs he helped me get my heating back on! Best prices in town blow my mind away!!!

Leslie M.

Highly recommended as they are nothing short of fantastic. Quick response times, excellent scheduling practices (including calling 30-45 mins before arriving), and as they knew I worked from home (and was melting with no AC) they squeezed me in early as they had a cancellation. Sal was the best – professional and friendly, great work ethic, diligent, efficient, didn’t cut corners, knowledgeable, frankly just awesome and so helpful. Thank you Sal and Vegas Strong Heating & Cooling for quickly brining back my AC on his hot summer day!

Rebecca P.

We have AHS for many years and they always send us terrible vendors. We always had to pay ourselves to replace any appliance that kept needing repair.
Our central A/C was making a low noise on Monday, I was concerned since I do suffer from a chronic illness that heat really can cause a lot of havoc. AHS has it documented in their records in case this was to happen that I can’t be in the heat for any length of time. I had an appt. and when we got in our A/C was not working, nothing but hot air was coming out and the house was getting hot.
We called AHS, they saw it documented about my illness, so they have 4 hours to locate a vendor, didn’t hear back from anyone. Meanwhile I was on the phone looking for a hotel for the night as the house was getting hotter and I was getting sicker.
We stayed at Suncoast, and it seemed that AHS didn’t do very much to get a vendor that night.
In the morning, my husband called and Vegas Strong Heating and Cooling was coming in about 10 minutes, the receptionist was just about to call him. Usually when a company comes they never usually have the parts if it can be repaired on the truck, learned this from past experience, so you have to wait again, so my husband told me not to give the room up until he called me with the news.
Sal, from Vegas Strong Heating and Cooling had the fan motor on the truck, he fixed the A/C to our surprise, the first time when dealing with AHS. This was basically our last thing we’d deal with AHS about since they have been a total disappointment in the past. We have our contract with AHS since we own our place, and nothing that was non fixable was ever replaced by them, we had to pay for every appliance that they could not repair. If it wasn’t for Vegas Strong, we would have finally dumped AHS for the way they do business or shall I say, the way they don’t do business.
Vegas Strong Heating and Cooling was the first and only company that they ever sent that did the job right away. We highly recommend Vegas Strong for their services, they didn’t do the usual “wait 5 days till the part comes in”, they got the job done right away. I’m also recovering from a knee replacement, so I wanted to be home, I was in pain.
We couldn’t afford another night in a hotel either and AHS had it documented about my medical condition also. Due to the work of Vegas Strong, we will keep AHS until they go back to their old ways, hopefully not soon. Kudos to Vegas Strong Heating and Cooling! Thank You.

Eileen P.

I highly recommend Vegas Strong Heating and Cooling!!! They are a really experienced and knowledgeable team of HVAC professionals. I needed my outside unit serviced for the Summer so I called and set up an appointment. Technician Ante arrived on time, gave an explanation of the process and started to work.

My unit needed cleaning and also a small part that had not been replaced in several years. The prices were very fair and he took care of it really quick. I will continue to use Vegas Strong as my preferred heating and cooling company as well as refer them to anyone I know.
Thanks again!!

Charles E.

Courteous! Prompt! Thorough! Professional!! I am absolutely delighted over their service AND their pricing! Definitely referring them to all of my friends and family!!

Donna Jo B.

They have an amazing crew. Ante took the time to explain me in detail and give me so many options to choose from. I will definitely recommend this company because of their outstanding customer service.

Lesly W.

Very Efficient & Professional! I had just bought a new dryer and we needed to clean out the vents for the dryer to work. I needed someone to come out early in the morning before work and VSH responded right away with an availability the next day. The technician Declan showed up early and on-time and got to work right away. After cleaning out the dryer vents he made sure my dryer was working properly with good air flow.

Toni R.

I highly recommend Vegas Strong Heating & Cooling! I called this morning wanting to get my heater serviced before turning it on for the cold months and had a technician at my door at 12:20pm. The woman from dispatch, Cindy, was very nice and told me that the technician, Scott, would be here in about 30 minutes and he was. Very professional and polite. He saw that I had a baby monitor in my hand. He started whispering and said, “I see you have a baby sleeping. I will be as quiet as I possibly can” and he was. Scott was here and working in the attic for about 50 minutes checking the whole heating system thoroughly, even took pictures to show us afterwards. All was good and now we have heat!! I will be using Vegas Strong Heating & Cooling from now on and highly recommend them to everyone else.

Keri K.W.

What a great response time! Called guy showed up in less than a hour! We all know when the heat starts in Vegas a hour is a long time! Next year I have my system checked early! Thanks Guys great job!

Debbie C.B.

They just cleaned all of my air vents and did an awesome job!! They showed me the pictures and videos of them doing it and it’s amazing ! I feel so much cleaner knowing all of that dust and debris is out of my vents in my home. They were on time, efficient and very helpful and friendly. Definitely recommend 100%!

Carly R.L.

To say that this isn’t the best a.c. company would be an understatement . they helped me with all of my questions and and helped me fix my A.C . I love them so much

Jacqueline C.

I giving recommend this company. They are friendly and worked diligently. Honest. Great prices and great work. These are the guys you want taking care of your hvac needs.

Delilah V.

Quality service, very professional, and great pricing.I recommend Vegas Strong to all my friends and family!

Mariana M.

We have used them twice now where I work about to sign up for the maintenance club! Very professional, extremely fast and friendly! Thank you!

Stacie A.

The staff is amazing answered all my questions and concerns very helpful.

Cynthia C.M.

Seriously, the best service that I could ask for ! Heather was so prompt in getting back to me and informing me of when the technician was coming to house . I am going on a trip and they accommodated my immediate need !!! I would highly recommend them if you are in a bind with your AC. Definitely affordable and wonderful service.

Sheena S.

Awesome company they did everything they said they would , thank you guy’s so much

Steve A.C.

Awesome staff and great customer service… prices you can find highly recommend.

Rob L.

Excellent customer service, helpful and friendly staff definitely recommend

Ashley M.

Best HVAC company in town !

Teri C.

Amazing work great people lovely customer service..

Ray L.

Great great great company it’s a breath of fresh air to find a local company that has history here in the valley . I fell that many of the businesses here are just here for the boom and will be gone once everything dies down like they all did last time, Vegas Strong is owned by a great family that has been here and will be here. The owners never have a problem meeting or talking with their customers and explaining anything that’s not clear, they are very knowledgeable and trust worthy .

Quincy Redic

This A/C company is a gem! Saw an ad in the paper for a $49 Fall Maintenance deal so I called them up. Was a great decision because they found an issue we needed to get fixed. The tech was very thorough and was a really nice guy to boot. I highly recommend Vegas Strong heating and cooling!

Brandon Wayne