We have AHS for many years and they always send us terrible vendors. We always had to pay ourselves to replace any appliance that kept needing repair.
Our central A/C was making a low noise on Monday, I was concerned since I do suffer from a chronic illness that heat really can cause a lot of havoc. AHS has it documented in their records in case this was to happen that I can’t be in the heat for any length of time.  I had an appt. and  when we got in our A/C was not working, nothing but hot air was coming out and the house was getting hot.
We called AHS, they saw it documented about my illness, so they have 4 hours to locate a vendor, didn’t hear back from anyone. Meanwhile I was on the phone looking for a hotel for the night as the house was getting hotter and I was getting sicker.
We stayed at Suncoast, and it seemed that AHS didn’t do very much to get a vendor that night.
In the morning, my husband called and Vegas Strong Heating and Cooling was coming in about 10 minutes, the receptionist was just about to call him. Usually when a company comes they never usually have the parts if it can be repaired on the truck, learned this from past experience, so you have to wait again, so my husband told me not to give the room up until he called me with the news.
Sal, from Vegas Strong Heating and Cooling had the fan motor on the truck, he fixed the A/C to our surprise, the first time when dealing with AHS. This was basically our last thing we’d deal with AHS about since they have been a total disappointment in the past. We have our contract with AHS since we own our place, and nothing that was non fixable was ever replaced by them, we had to pay for every appliance that they could not repair.  If it wasn’t for Vegas Strong, we would have finally dumped AHS for the way they do business or shall I say, the way they don’t do business.
Vegas Strong Heating and Cooling was the first and only company that they ever sent that did the job right away. We highly recommend Vegas Strong for their services, they didn’t do the usual “wait 5 days till the part comes in”, they got the job done right away. I’m also recovering from a knee replacement, so I wanted to be home, I was in pain.
We couldn’t afford another night in a hotel either and AHS had it documented about my medical condition also. Due to the work of Vegas Strong, we will keep AHS until they go back to their old ways, hopefully not soon. Kudos to Vegas Strong Heating and Cooling! Thank You.